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 Christian Phillips

Christian Phillips has been a professional luthier for 15 years with all of that time spent here at the Colfax Guitar Shop.
Christian graduated from the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in 2008. After graduation, Christian signed on for an internship at the Colfax Guitar Shop under professional luthier Scott Baxendale and his son John Baxendale.
Christian learned beyond the normal basics of guitar repair, spending much of his time completely rebuilding guitars from the inside-out (see Guitar Conversion for details), as well as providing repair services.

When Dave purchased the shop in 2010, Christian stayed on as a full time repairman and continued to grow under the tutelage of yet another experienced professional.
With the rare opportunity of having worked under several very experienced luthiers, Christian has become a very talented luthier in his own right.

Having dedicated himself to this career, he has done nothing but full time guitar repair and restoration over the last 15 years.
He now heads the repair department here at the shop and has recently started building guitars under the "Phillips" brand. There are usually a few on display in the shop to check out and play.

Like everyone here in the shop, Christian is friendly, approachable and competent.
Stop by and introduce yourself to Christian and be comforted that you will be getting sound advice and service from a seasoned pro.

 Dave "Doc" Dougherty

Dave "Doc" Dougherty has owned the Colfax Guitar Shop since 2010. Dave has 30 years experience as a full time, professional guitar repairman and luthier.
Having graduated from the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in 1993, Dave has done nothing but work on guitars ever since.
Working for a prominent, family owned music store on the outskirts of Philadelphia (Medley Music), Dave was able to learn much not only about repairing guitars, but also about the music business in general.
Originally founded by music industry legend Harry Rosenbloom, Medley offered Dave the opportunity to work on and learn much about all stringed instruments (guitars, bass, autoharps, violins, etc.). Harrys connection to Martin Guitars (he was on the board of directors at Martin), allowed Dave inside access to Martin Guitars repair department, where he would occasionally spend time picking the brains of Martins best techs in house at the factory.
Dave also had connections with all of the industry's top names as a service center where he provided warranty work for Martin, Taylor, Fender, Ibanez, Takamine, etc. for many years.

Eventually Dave broke out into his own shop, where he continued to provide service for  many local music stores as well the his personal customer base in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

In 2010, Dave moved to Colorado and purchased the Colfax Guitar Shop. Once here, he expanded the business to include not only expert guitar repair and construction, but also provide some much needed retail to the area in the form of guitar sales (used and vintage), strings, cables, capos and other accessories.

Dave is an extremely knowledgeable person when it comes to guitars. He has never worked on guitars "part time" or as a "hobby". Guitars have been his full time focus for the last 30 years. His skills in repair are on par with the best in the industry.  He is an extremely well rounded repairman with extensive knowledge in guitar construction and vintage guitars as well.

Dave is now embarking on a much overdue adventure...building guitars from scratch.
He is very excited to announce that he will soon be offering "Colfax Guitars" which will be built and sold in his shop. His vast knowledge of guitars and attention to detail offer him a unique insight into guitar construction. With several already completed, Dave is remodeling a section of the shop to focus solely to building custom guitars. Kind of an "old school" guy, these guitars will be built entirely by hand using traditional techniques. Dave does have some creative design ideas, so keep posted to see how his guitars evolve over the next couple of years.

Stop by and introduce yourself to Dave. Despite his vast experience, Dave has a way of communicating to all levels of players that is straightforward, honest and easily understood. Beginners and experts alike will be met with the same friendly, considerate demeanor that has made Dave popular and liked by clients nationwide.

 Mike Goyn

Mike Goyn graduated from Red Rocks Community College School of Fine Woodworking and Lutherie in 2016 and started working at the Colfax Guitar Shop in 2017.

As a performing bassist for many years, Mike has always had an interest in guitars. After graduating from Red Rocks Luthier program he sought out an opportunity to pursue his goal of becoming a professional guitar repairmen. 
His time at the shop has been very productive and Mike has quickly become a valuable asset to the crew at the shop.

Mike is friendly and eager to help out, so come introduce yourself and rest assured that you will be treated with the same care and  expertise demanded of everyone working in the shop!


Nils Barese

Nils Barese began his guitar studies at the Vermont Instrument School of Luthiery before moving to Colorado. He continued his education at Red Rocks Community College Luthier program and has attended several international guitar clinics to further his education.
Nils worked doing instrument repairs on not just guitars, but also spent time working on orchestral instruments as well before coming to the Colfax Guitar Shop.

Nils is a valuable asset to the shop and is always happy to assist anyone with any questions or concerns. You can be assured that you will be meet with the upmost courtesy, care and experience when dealing with him.






While much has changed in Denver over the past 20 years,

Our dedication & quality of service has remained.

Originally founded in 1998 and run by well-respected luthier Scott Baxendale, the Colfax Guitar Shop has served the community in every aspect of guitar service imaginable. In 2010, professional luthier Dave Dougherty took on the shop's legacy and has continued to provide the highest levels of service and craftsmanship. Dave expanded the shop, adding two luthiers to its staff, and retail merchandise, from strings, capos, cables, and slides

to a seasoned rotation of restored vintage guitars. 

In addition to guitar repair and restoration, The Colfax Guitar Shop now builds custom, handmade guitars entirely on location in the shop's new lutherie workshop. 

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