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Despite our limited space, we have always seemed to find a way to stock guitar geared merchandise for the locals. We can't provide as much as the big box stores, but we try to cover the basics and you may find some unique merchandise you won't find elsewhere.

Strings (steel and nylon guitar, 4-5 bass (flat and round), mandolin, ukulele, 12 string)
Also some single strings available

Guitar Straps (very cool and unique selection)
Guitar Stands and Wall Hangers
Instrument Cables (10-20 foot)
Patch Cables
Instrument Humidifiers
String Winders
Pick Holders
Egg Shakers
Guitar Tuners
Foot Stools
Feedback Busters (soundhole covers)
Guitar Picks

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Many, many guitar parts!









Pickup covers

Pickup rings

Control plates

Tremolo's and tremolo arms

Bridge pins.

Basic Restrings

Includes structural inspection, cleaning and conditioning of fingerboard, tightening tuners, resting and tune.

$20.00 plus strings, or bring your own

Minor Set Up

Get your guitar playing its best.
Clean fingerboard and body, tighten tuners, adjust truss rod, action, neck pitch, tremolo (if equipped) and intonation. Restring, tune and polish.

$70.00 plus strings, $90.00 for Floating tremolos

Fret Ends

Colorado's dry climate often causes guitar wood to lose moisture content which causes the wood to "shrink". This is quite noticeable when a wooden fingerboard shrinks and the metal frets (which are impervious to climate changes) poke out of the sides of the fingerboard; making for a "sharp" and "uncomfortable" playing guitar!


Full Set Up

This is a more advanced job for guitars with excessive fret wear or uneven fretboard.
Includes everything in a Minor Set Up...Plus a full fret Level and Crown!
We file all of your frets to ensure that they are perfectly level, removing any signs of wear; then re-crown and polish all frets to recreate the original rounded top they had when they were new. This ensures the guitars intonation and playability can be set to the strictest of tolerances. Don't put off this job if it is needed. A must for players who "bend" a lot. Get that "glassy feel"! You will be "amazed" at how a Full Set Up can bring a guitar back to life.

$120.00 plus strings, $140.00 for Floating tremolos

Full Refret

If your frets are worn beyond that of a Fret "Level"; it may be time to replace some or all of your frets. A Full Refret includes removing all of your frets, planing the fingerboard to ensure that it is absolutely level, cleaning the fret slots and replacing all of your frets.
We also suggest this at times for fingerboards that are warped or twisted as the fingerboard planing can address these issues. This brings your fretboard to it's absolute best playing condition. Perfectly level from the fretboard to the tops of the frets! It is also a great time to choose a different "size" of fretwire as well, if you are looking to change the feel of your guitar (call with questions about this). It is also possible to change the "radius" of your fretboard at this time as well (may be additional fee).
A Full Refret also includes a new, Handmade Bone nut (terrific upgrade).

 $350.00, but can vary depending on fingerboard and binding. Stainless Steel frets are an additional $100.00

Partial Refret

Not all guitars with heavy fret wear need a "Full Refret". If your frets are only worn on the first few frets (usually 3-5 frets); we can replace just those frets with the heaviest wear and then perform a "Full Set Up". 

Cost is the same as a Full Set Up plus $15.00 per fret replaced

Bone Nut and Compensated Bone Saddle

Nuts and saddles are the contact points of your strings to the guitar. They contribute to the sound, playability and feel of your guitar in countless ways. Many guitars come stock with plastic or other synthetic materials which can have adverse affects on sound, tuning and playability.
We make all of our nuts and saddles by hand and mostly out of bone (other material can be requested...brass, graphite, etc.).
A well cut nut ensures proper string spacing (amazing how often this is off on stock nuts), as well as proper height over the first fret and the correct slot size for each string (critical to a proper set up). The bone material has far better sustain than plastic and the properly cut slots reduce string friction (which helps tuning) and ensures a perfect radius over the first fret (improved playability).

$70.00 plus material (in addition to a minor set up)

The Saddle is critical!

If one were inclined to do 1 basic upgrade to improve a guitars sound, I would recommend a Compensated, Bone Saddle!
The bone material itself has better sustain than most synthetics, but that along with the proper "fit" in the saddle slot makes this a no-brainer. The combination of material and fit allow the strings to transfer ALL of their energy directly to the guitars top resulting in better tone, volume and sustain.
We also match the saddle radius to the curve of the fingerboard (also, often way off on stock saddles), which dramatically improves the playability and "feel" of the guitar.
Lastly, the compensation (odd shape you sometimes see on the top of a saddle) is hand cut to ensure that you guitar is intonated accurately (sounds in tune all the way up the fingerboard).

$60.00 plus material (in addition to a set up)

Neck Reset

A neck rest is needed when the angle at which the neck attaches to the body of a guitar is no longer in line with the bridge. This can result from many factors, but the problem is usually the same...very high action along with a very low saddle.
Many people fear having a neck reset done on their treasured guitar, but I am here to tell you FEAR NOT!
I have done hundreds of neck resets in my career and the owners almost always wish they had done the work sooner.
Guitar tops pull over time, necks bow and lets face it; wood moves! Neck resets are in every guitars future at some point in time.
If your old guitar no longer plays like it did and has been retired to the closet, we can revive it to better than it ever was before.
We remove the neck from the body of the guitar and reset it to the proper angle, taking into consideration where the guitar top has settles over the years. Shimming and recutting the dovetail ensures a nice snug fit for better tone transmission from the neck to the body. The improved angle require a taller saddle, which increases the string tension on the top, resulting in more volume.
Low action, taller saddle = improved playability and more volume. Win, win!
Combine this with a Full Refret on some guitars and you can turn that "old beater" you retired years ago into the best guitar you ever owned!

$400.00 and include a Compensated, Bone Saddle

Bridge Reglue

Bridges pull and come loose as a top slowly changes and conforms to the constant string tension over the years. A loose bridge does not allow the vibration of the strings to move the top as it should, resulting in massive tone and volume loss. Not only that, it is very dangerous to your guitar. You want to repair a loose bridge BEFORE it comes off on its own! A bridge that pulls off of the guitar top while at full string tension can cause a great deal of damage to your top.
We remove your loose bridge in a controlled way and then "fit" you bridge to match any changes that your top may have undergone over the years. This differs from many shops that "force" a flat bottom bridge down to your "now radiused" top. This deflects the top from where it wants to be in my opinion and changes the dynamics of the soundboard. I also feel that bridges reglued in this way will need another reglue much sooner than our technique?
We will reshape the bottom of your bridge to match the radius of your top, allowing for a nice snug fit that transmits the string vibration naturally across the top, without "pulling" on the top like a bridge that is forced down.

Start at $150.00

Top and Body Cracks

Often the worst case scenario for many guitar owners, cracks can be caused by physical impact or dry conditions. Either way, they can be a heartbreaker for many customers.
Fear not. We see them all the time and have vast experience in making them "go away"! Do not wait to get your cracked guitar repaired. Old cracks are harder to hide, tougher to fix and can lead to more extensive repairs.
That said, it is never to late to have a crack repaired. An open area of your guitar leads to lost vibration (and sometimes "unwanted vibrations").
We compare a cracked soundboard to a torn stereo speaker. It may still work, but something is being lost and you are not getting as much out of it as possible. Add to that the fact that "cracks don't get better on their own, they only get worse" and you should have structural repairs inspected as soon as possible.
Also, we are quite adept at touching up cracks here and customers are often surprised at how well we can hide them.
Most cracks are secured with internal "cleats", which act as a stitch and not only secure the damaged area, but also prevents it from getting any worse.

All structural damage MUST BE VISUALLY INSPECTED for a quote

Broken Headstocks

Oh it happens! Quite frequently unfortunately.
A properly repaired headstock is stronger than the original wood ever was! We guarantee that our headstock repairs will never come apart along the original break again. Headstock repairs can vary in difficulty, but are often much less involved than people think. Don't retire it, fix it!

start in the $150.00 range

Pickup Installs

We are able to do just about any pickup or electronics work you need. From simple pickup swaps to full "customized" rewires.

Most acoustic pickup installs are about $80.00. Basic pickup swaps cost $40.00 for the first pickup, $25.00 each additional pickup.
Call for full rewire pricing

Finish Work

While we do provide Touch Up work for many repairs, we no longer do full guitar refins here at the shop.
Bring in any finish damage for an estimate.
We do still provide finish "stripping" (neck only) for those of you who want to remove that "tacky feel" from the back of your neck. This leaves the back of the neck sanded bare for that "silky smooth" feel.

 $175.00 (recommended on maple necks only).

Many of the jobs listed above can be combined for lower overall quote. We are not a big box store and as an independent owner I am not bound by any corporate "rates" that must be added up independently. If you have an instrument that needs a lot of work, bring it by and we will work with you to try and combine an overall rate for the entire job.

This is just a sampling of some of the work we provide. Check out our other sections for "Specialty Work" like our full guitar "Conversions" and our in house "Custom Built Guitars".

We strive to have what people need and can order many items if we do not have them in stock. Feel free to ask for items you don't see listed.

We are very experienced in all aspects of guitar work. Come in with your project guitar and we will be sure you leave with the right parts for those who wish to tackle projects them-self. Advise is sound and as!

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